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Fundamental Collaboration

Delic Labs

DELIC Labs is a licensed cannabis and psilocybin research laboratory focused on chemical process development, analytical testing, and extraction optimization. We are dedicated to bringing a rigorous scientific foundation to the cannabis and psilocybin industries through our innovative research initiatives and consulting services. We offer a wide range of scientific services and expertise involving all aspects of chemistry.


To advance the cannabis and psilocybin industry through collaborative research and fundamental science.

Pour avancer l’industrie du cannabis en se servir de recherche collaborative et les sciences fondamentales
Kuendeleza tasnia ya bangi kupitia mungano wa utafiti wa kimsingi ya sayansi
Просувати індустрію канабісу вперед шляхом  спільних досліджень та фундаментальних наук
Sahayogi sikshan ane ma hatvapurna vignan thi ganjo udyoga ne  aagad vadhariye
Prover avanço à indústriade cannabis através de pesquisa colaborativa  e fundamentos cientificos 
Korporative Grundlagenforschung und Entwicklung zur Förderung der Cannabisindustrie
Để thúc đẩy ngành công nghiệp  cần sa thông qua nghiên cứu hợp tác và khoa học cơ bản. 
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Our Origins

The founding team of DELIC Labs (formerly Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures) originates from research groups at world-renowned academic institutions. This background instilled an ethos of intellectual curiosity and aspirations of understanding complex concepts through experimentation, research, and analysis. Entering the cannabis industry early on, we were exposed to the dogmatic approaches to production and growth, where firms focused solely on lofty goals while lacking the imperative processes to achieve them. We choose to operate in contrast to that industry, utilizing the latest academic literature to develop strong processes that foster repeatable success. We reject traditional corporate hierarchies that impede progress by creating a multidisciplinary team of experts that contribute equally to generating novel solutions grounded in science.


DELIC Labs is the world’s leading company for chemical research and extraction expertise of controlled biopharmaceuticals.

Our Values


Everyone on our diverse team has opportunities to contribute ideas and take action. We treat each other with respect and celebrate our different viewpoints, abilities, and accomplishments. 

Fundamental Collaboration

Our team works together toward our common goals as a company. We each do our best to ensure the company succeeds and expect the same from others. 

Growth & Personal Development

We support each team member in their personal growth through activities such as debate, research, and conferences. We value education, grow from our mistakes, and actively participate in life-long learning. 


We engage in meaningful discussions with each other and our partners to achieve superior performance. Being open and honest is vital for successful collaboration. 

Our Actions

To solve the current and future problems of the cannabis and psilocybin industries, we utilize our talented team and collaborative relationships with partner organizations, industry leaders, and academia. These collaborative efforts enable us to expand our knowledge on complex subjects and work on a wide array of chemistry and business problems. We are committed to broadening our horizons by dedicating a fifth of our work time to acquiring knowledge from fields outside of our domain, ultimately building a stronger foundation of expertise for the company. We all actively participate in intellectual conversations with each other to better understand our projects and empower team members to learn from open discussions. 


Dr. Markus Roggen

President and Chief Scientific Officer

DELIC Labs was initially founded as Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures by Dr. Roggen and Prof. Dr. Glenn Sammis in 2018, and rebranded after the sale to DELIC Corp.

Dr. Roggen received his M/Sci degree from Imperial College, London, UK in 2008. He then pursued his graduate degree in organic chemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ), where he received his PhD in 2012. Dr. Roggen was awarded an DAAD postdoctoral fellowship to pursue further training in physical organic chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla from 2013-2014. He then entered the cannabis industry in 2014 and since has held executive positions in leading analytical and production companies. His research into process optimization and analytical methods has been recognized with a number of awards: ElSohley Award of the ACS, The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2020, 2021 & 2022 as “one of the most influential people in cannabis science”, and 40 under 40 by Marijuana Venture Magazine among others. Dr. Roggen’s reputation in the industry has established him as one of the most sought-after advisors and mentors to multiple startups, startup accelerators and organizations. Dr. Roggen’s personal mission with DELIC Labs is “To create a body of work on cannabis research that will have a lasting effect on the industry, and for the better.”

Professor Glenn Sammis

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Sammis started his chemical education at Stanford University, receiving B.Sc. in Chemistry with Honors and Distinction in 1999. He then jointed Prof. Eric Jacobsen at Harvard University as an NSF Predoctoral fellow and obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2004. After, he moved to Princeton University for a two-year NIH postdoctoral fellowship with Prof. Erik Sorensen. Dr. Sammis is now a Associate Professor at the Chemistry Department at the University of British Columbia. He has built an internationally recognized research group working on the development of novel synthetic methods for the preparation of natural products and pharmaceuticals.

Collaborative Research for Fundamental Breakthroughs


Kendra Payne

VP Business Operations

Kendra is an experienced Vice President of Operations with a demonstrated history of working in education management and biotechnology industries. Skilled in Biotechnology, Project Manger in Life Sciences. Strong community and social services professional with a desire to improve quality of life for all.

Sajni Shah

Laboratory Manager

Sajni has a Bachelor of Science with a combined major in Chemistry and Biology from the University of British Columbia. She is research-driven with a passion for cannabis science. Sajni has helped secure DELIC Labs’ Cannabis Analytical Testing License. 

Dr. Eric Janusson

Lead Chemist

Dr. Eric Janusson is an analytical organometallic chemist specializing in real-time methods for the quantification and characterization of sensitive chemical intermediates. A long-time resident of Vancouver Island, Dr. Janusson received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at the University of Victoria in 2017 under the direction of Professor Scott McIndoe. After completing his studies, Dr. Janusson held a postdoctoral scholar position with the Cronin Group at the University of Glasgow where he developed an interest in machine learning, statistical modelling, self-assembly of inorganic nanoparticles, automated synthesis and robotics, as well as ion mobility mass spectrometry. Dr. Janusson is spearheading DELIC Labs’ analytical chemistry efforts and further developing high-quality analytical methods for cannabis and psilocybin research.

Dr. Tom Dupree

VP Technology

Dr. Dupree has a Ph.D in Computational Medicinal Chemistry from the University of New South Wales. Dr. Dupree guides the Data Analytics team by combining chemistry, machine learning, and statistics to develop DELIC Labs’ proprietary extraction optimization platform. He also helps clients with molecular modelling needs by leveraging his knowledge in computational chemistry.

Brodie Thomson

Research Associate

Brodie is a current Ph.D candidate in Organic Chemistry at the University of British Columbia. He completed his Masters in Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland before moving to Canada. At DELIC Labs, Brodie brings his expertise in method development and research to developing protocols for analyzing aerosol and volatile compounds found within cannabis smoke.


Hank Chen

Software & Database Manager

Hank is currently a fourth-year Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia. He is responsible for implementing software solutions while facilitating in the extraction optimization platform.


Amanda Assen

Scientific Writer

Amanda is currently finishing her degree in Microbiology on an internship through the University of Victoria. She writes science-based articles for media outlets, industry and peer review journals to communicate Delic Lab’s research insights.


Dingding Xuan

Chemistry Research Associate

Dingding is currently a fourth-year Pharmacology student with a minor in Statistics at the University of British Columbia. At DELIC Labs, she facilitates in developing optimal sample preparation and analyzation
methods in cannabis and psilocybin research.


Our former co-operative university students

Wesley Sequeira

Software & Database Manager

Matthew Ke

Business Development & Sales

Duo Lu

Data Science Associate

Denys Dzuibii

Software & Database Intern

Katie O'Connell

Marketing Development Associate

Soheil Nasseri

Business Development Associate

Luiz Geraldo

Finance Associate

Stella Zhu

Data Science Associate

Klara Wyse

Marketing Associate

Rachel Damiani de Souza

Marketing Associate

Callum MacPhee

Business Associate

Bofeng Cheng

Business Associate

Gursaanj Singh

Data Scientist


Vanessa Clarke

Digital Media Coordinator

Ali - Team page 2021

Ali Wasti

Chemistry Research Associate

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